Creating an Emoji T-Shirt


I always wanted to do a tutorial teaching how to stamp a t-shirt, but I could never think of something nice for the print, so I always postponed this idea. Until one day I found myself thinking that a emoji tee would be really cool and I’d never seen it to sell here in Brazil. So I connected the dots and here I am! Does it seems like a cool idea? It is quite easy to do.

First of all, I would like to thank Vitória Morais, Gustavo Garbino and Brenda Garnizé for shooting and assisting in the pictures of the t-shirt. They were awesome as always, but that you are tired of knowing.


You’ll need a white shirt, a very basic one, but must be 100% cotton. Scissors and iron will be well needed and if you are a minor, ask an adult for help to perform this tutorial. Lastly, a transfer paper. It can be purchased at a supply store, very easy to find. I bought mine here.


To start we print our emoji on the transfer paper with an inkjet printer. Then we cut the emoji leaving a white border, as said by the instructions of the paper. Place the print facing the shirt on the place you want it to be and then just put a piece of paper on top and iron it for a minute and voilà! Just wait for it to cool and then you can remove the thing on the top. Easy, right? Read the instructions on the paper package, as they may be different depending on the brand you got.

Because I’m a really nice person, I made three files with different emojis for you to use. It’s all set to go, in A4 size so you don’t need to modify it. Just click here, here or here and save with the right mouse button, without mysteries. Thank you, you’re welcome.




Did you think it was easy? It is very simple, just get the materials and you are already halfway there. You don’t have to make one with emojis necessarily, you can use the same steps to create totally different shirts. A pineapple, a flamingo or even a donuts. Let your imagination flow!

I used the T-shirt with an all-black look, to emphasize the emoji print. You can use use both with jeans and with a look a little more “fancy” like the one i’m wearing. All the other pieces are from Baby Steinberg, a Fashion House here in Porto Alegre that I’m loving a lot lately! If you do this diy, do not forget to use the hashtag #almataughtme so I can see your creations! ❤️

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